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Painting, as I see it, is the ultimate voice to assert one’s own existence. I value that painting does not rely on the use of spoken or written language with its implicit cultural boundaries. My own way of painting therefore becomes an extension of the way that I think and express my views.

Paint as a material is important to me. My paintings are worked over time and with much conviction. I do this not only to make an image, but to use the subject itself as a fetish to better understand human behavior or personal thoughts. Another reason I paint slowly is to connect the why and how of the act of painting to the content. After many layers of color and oil, I aim to reveal to myself, and then to the viewer, an insight or resolution of my psychological ruminations. My most recent artistic focus is specifically about my cultural self as a Chicano Mestizo, and about social behaviors in general. I feel compelled to describe with empathy for the subject, the feeling of helplessness from absurd and sometimes infuriating cultural norms.

My goal is to paint as authentically as I can, and to maintain a stance as observer.


Detroit, April 2018 

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